Welcome to The Studio

A great benefit of joining the Project Team is that our staff and the other team members are here to help you be the best you can be. Our staff has aggregated 3d Animation tools including: tutorials, free software and commercial software. Sure you can search the Internet for all that stuff, but we have done the searching for you so you can get to creating.

If you would like to join a team of creative people to make something extraordinary go to the Project Team Membership. Please use your real name when signup.

Like you, the other team members love to tell stories, create animations, films and games. Hometown Entertainment has developed a unique business model that fosters this kind of enterprise. It provides a path for you to create digital assets for a specific project then sell those assets. We will help you set up and manage your shop from our online marketplace.

Not only can you sell your creations, but you can receive royalties based on your assets used in the project. Our first project; a feature length animated movie called CLICS. What makes this unique?

  1. You are working on a movie.
  2. You can sell the assets you made for the movie.
  3. You own the right to sell those assets; i.e.  you own the assets.
  4. You have access to the Hometown Entertainment Patron support network.
  5. Based on the sales volume of your shop, you will receive prorated royalties for your contribution to the movie.

Again, welcome to the studio!