What’s Involved

You are joining a team to make an animated movie. It is divided into 28 episodes. The first 24 episodes play on the Internet. The last 4 episodes will play in theaters. We are also introducing a new collaborative business model.

Join the Team
Register, set up shop, upload the digital asset.  You can get paid as soon as your creation sells. The choice is yours. Here is the list of the types of assets needed for CLICS.

The New Business Model
Join us and share your creativity with the world and beyond! Our staff manages the details of each episode. Anyone who works on the movie will receive a portion of the revenue based on their contribution.

So, What’s the Big Idea?
The big idea is to create assets specifically for the movie CLICS, then sell those assets. Each Project Team member has their own shop. They also have the opportunity to receive donations from their patrons. Your customers can see how your creations are used in a real animated movie.

Create Elements for a Movie
The assets you create are for a specific movie. You are creating with a purpose. You can communicate with other Project Team members to help you make your products the best they can be. We believe you will sell more when your customers see your products in action.

Set Up Shop

1. Carefully read the Terms of Agreement for legal information, and the  Project Guidelines.

2. If you are not a Project Team member click here. If you do not have CLICS Vendor Account, click here.

3. This  Asset Submission document explains how to set up your shop, prepare digital assets, key images, screenshots, etc. ensuring that all the content matches the format specifications.

4. The Submitting an Asset – General Information explains how to import the content to your online shop. It contains a step by step guide on how to upload your content.

5. Our staff will review your submission! and if it is approved it will go on sale!

6. Add products to your store. There are specific assets needed for CLICS but you can make anything you like. Our staff will approve or disapprove any products you submit.

Sell the Digital Assets
After our staff approves your creations, you can sell them from our store in your own shop. These assets could include; animations, lighting setups, camera moves, motion capture, 3D models, software scripts & extensions, audio and other types of downloadable content. Our staff will provide tips on maximizing revenue. Make sure to setup your PayPal connection so that you can get paid.