Submitting an Asset

Submitting an Asset – General Information

Assets can be submitted via your Vendor Dashboard/WC Frontend Manager. Please make sure you have registered first. Assets must be delivered in a iclone7 3dXchange-ready state FBX, OBJ, SKP. The Image files should be high resolution, high definition. To submit an asset, follow these steps.
1. Login – on the top right menu
2. My Account – left side of the CLICS logo
3. ADD PRODUCTS – right side of THE MARKET menu
4. Product Manager/Product Type – select Simple Product (Make sure to check mark Downloadable)
General panel
5. Title – give your product a name
6. Price($) – enter the price in the box below (skip Sale Price and Sale Date boxes)
7. Visibility – Catalog/Search
8. Short Description – add a one sentence or less excerpt. This typically appears next to product imagery on the listing page.
9. Description – write more details about the product. The long description appears in the Product Description tab in the Online Market.
Downloadable Options panel/Files
10. Name – give your product a unique name.
11. File – click the upload button. Go to the Insert Media panel. Select the Upload Files tab. Select Files button. Select the digital asset file/click open. Click Insert into post.
Feature Images and Gallery
12. Featured Image – Upload the image of the product you uploaded.
13. Gallery Image – Upload up to 10 images of the product you upload. (various angles, renderings and textures etc.)
Category & Tags
14. Categories – click in the box and select the appropriate category/categories
15. Product Brands – click in the box and select the appropriate brand/brands if there are any
16. Tags – click in the box and enter the appropriate Tags. (tags are used to help your customers find items with specific characteristics. i.e. small, cat, prop, girl, red, rough, etc.)
17. Submit – click the Submit button in the bottom right corner. Click Draft if you would like to complete the information about your product later.

The “Product Successfully Saved” message will appear above the Product Manager form after your product has been successfully uploaded. An error message typically means not all the necessary form items were entered correctly.

You will receive an email after your digital asset has been approved.