This show, comprised of 28 episodes, is about a girl named Darla who fights to save the world from an evil, intergalactic, corporate, megalomaniac who wants to kidnap girls from Earth to repopulate his home planet. When his plan is thwarted he triggers a doomsday device that is sure to destroy Earth. Darla is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice but will she do it or not?

Each episode is approximately 7 minutes long. When all 28 episodes are put together the show will be a feature-length animated movie.  

This exciting melodramatic dark comedy will play on the Internet from our website. A team of independent artists is creating all of the element for each of the 28 episodes. There is no specific timetable for the completion of an episode. It will be posted online when it is ready. It may even be updated based on audience suggestions and comments.

Our staff will try to keep our audience aware of the release date when an episode is ready to be viewed. 

When all 28 episodes are completed Hometown Entertainment plans to do a theatrical release.