The CLICS Project is a team effort to make a feature-length animated movie. We plan to accomplish this by dividing the script into 28 parts. Each part will be one episode.

If you have made it this far, you probably are curious about becoming a member of the Project Team. When you join the Project Team you can create digital assets or provide creative services for the movie that you can sell in your shop from our online Marketplace.

Our staff will post information about the various elements that need to be created for each of the 28 episodes. Your customers will be able to see your creations in actual use in a movie. 

You can set the price for what the customers will pay to download the digital asset. You will get the 60% of each transaction. Hometown Entertainment will keep 40% of the sale.

Based on their contribution, the authors will participate in a prorated revenue generated by the showing of the movie. To get started, join the Project Team.