There are many places across the Internet where you can purchase 3d Assets as well as many places where you can download items for free.

So why another marketplace to sell 3d models and digital assets?

Our Marketplace is unique because the downloadable assets and creative services are specifically created for the CLICS Project.

Our Project Team Members have their own shops in our Marketplace where they can sell their goods and services. Our customers can see the digital assets in use in an actual project. They are not generic models but made for a specific purpose.  Our staff will be there to help you use the items you purchase with tutorials and online forums.

These goods and services are of the highest standards and quality. After seeing them in use our customers can more easily repurpose them in their own projects. Furthermore, customers have the choice to buy a perpetual license and never have to pay a royalty.

Best of all, the items are all original and when you purchase something you can use it in your project without paying any additional license fee.