CLICS is a quirky dark comedy about Darla. She is a geeky high school senior, who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Her plans are upended when she comes face to face with the power of corporate greed on an intergalactic level.

About a year earlier, Darla moved to Irvine and enrolled in the Video Yearbook Class. Her teacher assigns her the cheer squad. Julie, the most popular cheerleader in school takes Darla under her wings and they become best friends. Then the unimaginable happens. Julie vanishes without a trace.

Devastated, Darla starts an online romance with a mysterious boy named Luke.
That summer, Darla spends every waking hour making a documentary about Julie. During breaks, she texts Luke. Her mother demands, “stop spending so much time on-line with Luke and get a job.”

“This is my job!” Darla snaps. “I take pictures Mom, of people, their memories of a friend. When I do it right everything gets very clear. I’m frightened. If I don’t follow my dream Julie and people like her would be forever forgotten. And, me too Mom.”

Darla tells Luke everything, including all he wants to know about cheerleaders. Crafty Luke is a spy for The Very Large Corporation Of Gerp. TVLCOG for short needs to replace their depleted customer base. They accidentally killed nearly every female on Genron, Luke’s home planet.

TVLCOG cloned millions of sheep and sold them as pets. This is despite the fact the sheep carried an organism capable of killing every teenage girl on the planet. It did. Now TVLCOG needs customers. So, they send Luke and Sal Bore, their top digital cloning specialist, to find, kidnap and clone the top shoppers in the universe; cheerleaders from the OC.

The pair travels to Irvine, California and sets up shop in cheer captain Bambi’s basement. But when Luke sees Darla in person, it is love at first sight. Darla persuades him to help foil TVLCOG’s devious plans. When Sal finds out, he decides to kill Luke and then destroy Earth just for spite. Is it too late for Darla to save the world?

Sal Bore