CLICS is a unique romantic comedy. Darla, our heroine, a high school nerd, dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Her Video Yearbook teacher assigns Darla the cheer squad. She becomes best friends with Julie the squad’s co-captain. Then tragedy strikes. Julie disappears and is nowhere to be found. 

Distraught and confused, Darla starts an online romance with a boy named Luke.

The following summer, she works non stop on a documentary about Julie. During breaks, she texts Luke.

Her mother demands, “you need to get a job.”  “Making movies is my job!” Darla explains. 

Darla confides in Luke about everything, including details about the cheer squad.

Unbeknownst to her, Luke is a spy for TVLCOG an alien corporation.  His home planet, Genron has no girls to buy their products. You see, TVLCOG cloned millions of deadly pet sheep – killed all the girls on Genron. It was an accident. To make matters worse TVLCOG spent trillions to make a follow-up product but now they have no customers.

So, TVLCOG commissions Luke and Sal Bore, their top digital cloning specialists, to clone the top shoppers in the universe; cheerleaders from the OC.

They travel to Irvine, California and build a cloning lab under cheer captain Bambi’s house. But when Luke sees Darla in person, he has a change of heart about TVLCOG’s preposterous plan. You know, love at first sight. Darla’s dream turns into a nightmare when she comes face to face with intergalactic corporate megalomaniac Sal Bore. 

Betrayed by Luke, Sal decides to kill Luke and then destroy Earth just for spite. Is it too late for Darla to save the world and will Luke find true love?

Sal Bore